Vela make functional independence chairs, to help people with various disabilities lead a better life at home and at work.

With ranges designed for adults, children and bariatrics, a Vela chair comes with a range of functions to support a great many needs.

You sit safely and securely – the large, easy to reach brake handle takes care of that. You also benefit from support from the stable armrests and a good, supportive backrest. Enjoy feeling completely safe when you sit in a Vela chair.

The brake ensures you get stability for different activities. And the smooth-running wheels make you mobile, so you can easily move around at home while sitting down.

An electric lift enables you to conserve energy when you need to reach a cupboard or put something in the dishwasher. This feature can also be used as an aid when getting up from the chair.

You can adjust the chair to give you the best possible ergonomics and comfort and suit your exact needs – and it will last for many years.

It’s easy to move around at home, as the chair has smooth-running wheels, so you can ‘walk’/push yourself forward while sitting down in the chair.

Vela disability chairs can help improve your endurance and balance in multiple situations. It can help you at home, in the bathroom, in the wardrobe or at your workplace. One of the most important things a Vela disability chair contributes to is the feeling of independence.

An independence chair at home is a perfect assistant in the kitchen when you need to reach plates in the top cupboard and a chopping board in the bottom drawer. The chair becomes your help and support, and it saves you a lot of effort in staying upright.

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Safety Brake

Strong, easy to use brake for confidence and stability

Height Adjustable

Easily adjust your height to work at different levela

Optimum Ergonomics

Comfortable and fully adjustable to suit your needs

Safe Mobility

Smooth running wide set wheels to ‘walk’ the chair whilst sitting

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