Control room operators typically spend extended periods seated dealing with complex and sometimes stressful situations. They need a chair that gives the highest levels of support and comfort to enable them to concentrate on the task in hand.

Police control room

Healthcare can mean lots of things. Attachments to allow dentists or surgeons to steady their arms, a wipe down finish for a clean room environment, or a chair with extra adaptability for people with specific seating issues. We can source product from some of the very best manufacturers for specific working environments.

Capisco Dentist

A home office chair might need to meet a variety of criteria. Some people perform demanding rolls from their study and require a high performing task chair. Some desks are used less often often, maybe in the lounge and a slick look is more of a priority, or maybe you need something small and stimulating for bedroom homework.

Variable seat

The office chair is possibly the most important consideration when planning your office. It’s the thing we have the most contact with, and it completes the look for your environment. Funky and creative, calm and relaxing, neat and professional, and it has to ‘fit’ a lot of different people. Let us help you select the right product for your environment.

Green Futu around table

Sit stand desks are one of the major growth areas in office design as employers and employees discover the benefits of varying the bodies position throughout the day. To get the most out of an adjustable desk you’ll need a chair with greater height variation. And head over to our desks page to look at our range of electronically height adjustable desks.

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