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Score’s saddle chairs are the result of this Dutch companies 40 years of research and development.

The open hip angle that results from a neutral balanced posture has many benefits to the user.

30% of oral healthcare professionals retire early because of back and neck injuries. A saddle seat helps to overcome a lot of the unique problems dentists have with their posture at work.

While using a saddle chair is normal for many dentists and other healthcare professions, the benefits they bring are applicable to all of us, and increasingly many people are choosing to sit in a saddle seat.

There are several steps to choosing your perfect Score stool.


Three different heights are supplied. The perfect position is one where you are resting with a hip angle of about 135 degrees. This balances the pelvis and distributes the strain on your body much more evenly from your feet, through your legs and torso than traditional seating, which focuses a lot of the pressure on the pelvis. Because we are using our core muscles to help us sit upright, unlike a traditional chair that we lean back into which can encourage a ‘slouched’ position, it does take a couple of weeks to engage and strengthen those muscles.


Score saddle stools are available in two shapes. The Amazone is narrower at 34cm and encourages us to me more active. The Jumper is wider at 44cm which results in a slightly narrower hip angle. This makes it feel nearer to a traditional seat than the Amazone.


Score seats are available with a Balance or a tilting mechanism, as well as fixed seat position. The Balance mechanism moves with you for a more dynamic posture. The mechanism is adjustable to suit all users and is beneficial to the muscles and the spine. Recommended!

For those engaged in work that requires a high degree of precision, the tilting mechanism maybe preferable. This allows you to fix the angle of the seat. This is particularly useful for oral healthcare workers.


The optional lumbar support provides light support for your lower back and a useful stretching device. On fixed or tilting stools, the lumbar support is adjustable for height and angle to allow you to find the perfect position, On the stools with the Balance mechanism the lumbar support can be adjusted for depth and moves with the seat. Most people appreciate the lumbar support, but they are particularly useful for people not familiar with saddle stools.


Score Amazone Fixed

The Score Amazone is an ergonomic saddle stool.
£401.70 Incl. VAT

Score Jumper Fixed

The Score Jumper is an ergonomic saddle stool.
£401.70 Incl. VAT
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