The Score Amazone with tilting mechanism is an ergonomic saddle stool. The design of the saddle tilts the pelvis forward and promotes a healthy ‘S’ curve in the spine.

The higher seating position of the saddle stool allows for a more neutral 135 degree hip angle. This halfway position between sitting and standing keeps the pelvis balanced and the spine protected from ligament and disc strain in the lumbar region. The open angle also promotes better flow of fluids and oxygen around the body.

The narrower seat of the Amazone promotes a more open hip angle for a more active sitting sitting experience.

The tilting mechanism allows the angle of the seat to be fixed forward or backwards, which brings benefits to people doing precision work, and is particularly favoured by dental healthcare workers.

The addition of a lumbar support provides extra support in the lower back, and is a great device for leaning into and stretching. It can be adjusted for height and angle so it’s easy to find the perfect position.

Supplied in Samskin, which has an antimicrobial and anti-fungal treatment and is waterproof and washable. Perfect the finish of your saddle by combining two colours for a little extra cost.

Other materials are available, please call 01392 202012.




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