Now that the new Mereo 300 has established itself as a firm favourite in the showroom it’s time to let our 220 Black go. It is covered in Gabriel Note fabric which is 85% wool with a classy satin finish. It also features the extra duo, two colour fabric choice and the 8T armrests which adjust for height and depth and are turnable.

A superb office chair at a bargain price. New price £846, this one only £634.50 + VAT

RH Mereo is a stylish work chair that provides an active sitting position, thereby improving the workday for individuals and teams.

It has all the functions you’d expect in a high performance task chair married to simple elegant controls that makes it easy for any user to find the perfect position.

Available in black or silver base with a massive choice of fabrics. Make a statement with Duo fabric.

With a range of accessories including armrests and neckrest.


In Stock

£846.00 £634.50 Excl. VAT


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