Portable devices, such as laptop computers and tablets have become indispensable in our lives, at work and at home. Their built in portability has made them so useful they have for many people made the desktop computer redundant.  They allow us to work anywhere, and bring huge benefits to productivity and lifestyle.

However while they are convenient, they were never designed to be used for long periods. Having the screen attached, or combined to the keyboard compromises ergonomics and forces postures that lead to neck, wrist and upper limb disorders, and discomfort as a result.

If you are going to be using a portable device for more than a few minutes, it is important to place the screen so that the top of the viewing area is at eye level.

A good laptop stand will be adjustable, lightweight and portable, so that it can be quickly deployed in any situation, and will slip into your bag with the computer when done.

To complete your agile working solution, select a compact keyboard and a correctly fitting mouse. Call us to discuss your requirements and find the correct solutions for you.

Ergo Q-330

From ergonomic equipment specialists Bakker and Elkhuizen the
£89.94 Incl. VAT

Uprise Laptop Stand

A laptop computer is designed for ad-hoc use.
£83.99 Incl. VAT

Flextop 270

From ergonomic equipment specialists Bakker Elkhuizen, the Flextop
£95.94£101.94 Incl. VAT

Ergo Q-260

From Bakker and Elkhuizen the Ergo-Q260 raises the
£131.94 Incl. VAT

Notebook stand

Add extra versatility to the Ergohuman and Enjoy
£108.00 Incl. VAT

LT70 Laptop stand

The LT70 laptop stand is a very small
£39.60£360.00 Incl. VAT
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