Kneeling chairs were first displayed at the Scandinavian furniture fair in Copenhagen in 1979. Born from a study to create a healthier style of seat, the designers discovered that by angling the seat forward a better a better posture was achieved which relieved pressure on the spine. The addition of shin supports prevented users sliding forward and the Balans seating concept was born.

Kneeling chairs create a more balanced posture, and without relying on a backrest, the body is free to move in more natural ways than it ever can on a traditional chair.

Many kneeling stools have curved rails, rather than a traditional base with castors. The rails mirror the natural movements of the body, which further nourishes the the joints and cartilage. Cartilage works like a sponge and needs movement to feed it. Without movement the lymphatic system slows down and joints are starved of important nutrients.

Kneeling stools are recommended for everyone. Because you are using the bodies own core muscles to support the posture, new users may take a couple of weeks to rebuild the core strength that is often lost in traditional seating. We find older users will replace a worn out kneeling chair with another, but people with a history of knee complaints and some older people to struggle to adapt.

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