Being able to place both fleet on the ground is crucial for good posture. But when the chair as at the correct height at a fixed height desk this is sometimes not possible, particularly for shorter people. A good footrest will sit firmly on the ground, and be adjustable with the feet, so no more climbing under the desk to guess the correct setting.

We also have adjustable leg lifters to aid recovery from injury or surgery, and desk risers.

Desk raisers

Circular desk raiser. Fits under circular or cantilever
£15.00 Incl. VAT

Ergochair Actyv Leg Rests.

We can supply leg rests for one or
£180.00£330.00 Incl. VAT

Footform Footrest

Footform. Solid steel construction, easily adjusted by pressing
£213.60 Incl. VAT

Hag Quickstep

Tilting footrest stimulates circulation. Can even be used
£149.56 Incl. VAT
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