We’ve seen a real boom in Sit stand desk usage in recent times. People are understanding the benefits of changing their position throughout the working day and costs have come down so that they can cost little more than a standard desk.

They also allow people of different heights to adjust their workstation to the correct height for a complete ergonomic package.

On top of the health benefits the increased movement also brings benefits in engagement and productivity and many companies are installing standing desks in meeting rooms for greater collaboration.

Conset make a huge variety of electric height adjustable desks. We have listed a few here, if you can’t see what you need, call us on 01392 202012 to discuss your requirements. We will be able to find a solution for you.

Lavoro’s stylish Swedish made frames feature twin motors on the Advance and Crown models and a massive choice of colours for the perfect finish to your office or study.

Desks are delivered boxed for self assembly. We are happy deliver and install fully assembled for £50.

Salli have a small range of both manual and electric height adjustable desks which perfectly complement their excellent saddle chairs.

We also have an extensive range of sit stand chairs.

Red Capisco chairs

desks in office

Desk Chair Pack offer

Our best selling desk and a top quality
£633.16£1,706.84 Incl. VAT

Lavoro Advance

The Advance height adjustable desk from Sweden, features
£633.16£681.76 Incl. VAT

Lavoro Crown

The Crown height adjustable desk is a high
£1,486.15£1,523.08 Incl. VAT

Lavoro Solo

The Solo is a low maintenance desk with
£493.56£547.56 Incl. VAT

Conset Desk 501-25

Conset's 501-25 frame is a stable and functional

Conset Desk 501-33

Consets 501-33 frame has a minimalist and elegant

Conset Desk 501-49

Consets 501-49 frame has a minimalist and elegant
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