Ergochair Adapt 600, bespke seat & air cells
thigh support

We were contacted by a local company who had a member of staff who had a lot of sickness absence due to severe sciatica. Her problem had got so bad that she barely able to come to work and sit at all.

We were asked if we could provide a chair that would allow Jane to sit and work for a day.

We invited Jane to the showroom for a consultation. She had a fall off a horse some years ago when she was a child, which resulted in a twisted pelvis. When we sit, the pelvis is unbalanced and adopts a posterior tilt. In Jane’s case this was exaggerating her sciatica causing the pain which prevented her from sitting.

We took anthropometric measurements from Jane and ordered her an Ergochair Adapt 600. Ergochair cut the seat base and back rest to match Jane’s size, and we had a set of reactive inflatable thigh supports built into the seat, so when Jane sits, the air moves between the twin supports to balance her twisted pelvis.

We delivered the chair to Jane at work and talked her through the controls and helped her to set it up. Her sciatica is now rarely a problem and she is able to work pain free most of the time. Although the cost of the chair looked expensive, it paid for itself within a week as Jane was now once again a productive member of the companies working family

Ergohuman inc. leg rest and fold away table

Hinata had recently returned to the UK. He rented a studio apartment and needed a chair that he could not only work from, but also relax in. It therefore had to look good, and be adaptable to the various different jobs it had to perform.

He came into the shop and tried several options but settled on the Mesh Ergohuman as being the best fit for him and his small space. It not only has the full range of adjustments Hinata required for his desk work, but the mechanism reclines a long way back so he could read and watch TV in comfort too.

We ordered the Ergohuman with the additional legrest  for relaxing, a fold away laptop table so that Hinata could read comfortably, rest his drink and even eat in his chair, and a coat hangar on the rear.

Hinata was able to save money and valuable space by having a single chair to perform a variety of rolls for him.

501-37 desk and copper Capisco

A local couple wanted a workstation in their spare room. They wanted it to look stylish and have strong ergonomic principles while at the same time taking up as little space as possible, so they could when required provide a double bed for guests.

We supplied a Conset 501-37 height adjustable frame with a 700mm deep worktop, and a Hag Capisco chair. We were fortunate to get hold of one of the last of Hag’s special addition copper chairs, which upholstered in Sirdal Norwegian wool and an oak worktop on the desk looked terrific

Conform Timeouts

A couple with an apartment overlooking the sea, needed a pair of stylish recliners to sit and read in; and to gaze at sunsets together. A pair of Conform Timeouts with footstools, in white wood and grey leather, on a white metal base, fitted their brief perfectly.

Salli and desk

This client wanted a desk and chair for his home office. He wanted a workstation that would compliment his active lifestyle and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Salli’s Swing Care promotes a terrific posture while reducing the pressure on the joints and ligaments that can lead to back problems. The Swing mechanism ensures the bodies core is constantly engaged. For the Care model Salli have reduced waste by utilising off cuts of leather to produce a 4 panel cover for each side of the seat, and a simpler aluminium base. It is hand made in Finland and comes with a 10 year warranty. By selecting a had cranked desk, the client can adjust the height of the desk without using any power.

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