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BMA Ergonomics was established as the BioMechanisch Adviesbureau (biomechanical consultancy in the Netherlands in 1988. A result of their extensive knowledge and research they launched the Axia range of chairs in 1996 and have established them as amongst the most respected task chairs available.

Their range of products has been expanded to include a whole suite of 24 hour control room chairs, The Axia® Vision is a 24 hour office chair for primary use in call centers, dealing rooms and receptions of hospitals or police stations. Also ideal for deluxe office environments. And the Focus can seat users up to 200kg.

Now part of the Flokk range of companies Backworld are able to bring you the full range of BMA’s products, please call us to discuss your requirements and arrange for a demonstration.

BMA Axia

BMA  is a Dutch company - BioMechanisch Adviesbureau (biomechanical consultancy)
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