In our modern world we spend a lot of time typing and mousing. Using some of our smallest muscles to make many repetitive, focused movements can casuse a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.

The correct ergonomic accessories, designed to fit you and selected with due consideration to the work you are doing will help you to work in comfort and free from pain that can occur from the wrists to the neck, all day.

Vertical Mice.

There’s a reason a doctor sets a broken wrist in it’s vertical position. A vertical mouse allows the hand to stay in the more natural ‘handshake’ position, comes in various sizes and for left and right hand so they fit you.

Rollerball Mouse.

Lets one finger do the walking, rather than using your entire shoulder and arm.

Roll bar mouse.

Minimise movement by grouping all the controls at the centre and in front of the keyboard, and comes with a wrist rest.

Ergonomic keyboards.

A good keyboard has a low profile and small footprint with precise soft touch keys to minimise stress on the hands. There are now many different shapes too,  consult an expert before making a choice as the wrong keyboard can do more harm than good.

Posture supports.

Wedges are ideal at home, in the office and in the car. The angle of a wedge whilst sat tilts the pelvis forward and this in turn helps to correct the alignment of the spine. Reducing back pain and improving posture. This form of active sitting improves your muscles and can also improve your posture when you aren’t sat. We have a variety of solutions for back pain.

This is an are in which small adjustments have the potential to make a lot of difference, please call us for further advice, 01392 202012.

Desk raisers

Circular desk raiser. Fits under circular or cantilever
£15.00 Incl. VAT

Goldtouch GO Keyboard

A truly ergonomic portable keyboard. The tilt angle
£184.19£203.94 Incl. VAT
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