With a gym on every corner how is it that back issues have become such a big part of so many of our lives? This short video brilliantly encapsulates this. But what are the answers? Will your pain go away if you go and drop a grand on an ergonomic chair? Maybe. Maybe not. Must I go to a gym <shudders>?

Life is complicated, and the solution to back pain lies in a holistic approach to it. Maybe we do need to do more exercise, be more selective of what we eat, drink less. But there are many things that we do, almost without thinking that contribute to our passive present.

I heard on the radio that 60% of all car journey within Exeter are less than one mile long. It’s much quicker to walk one mile than drive, park, get ticket from machine, walk to where you need to be.

Got less than 3 floors to go up? Use the lift. Again, probably quicker too. An all inclusive hotel I went to once put the free bar on the seventh floor. By the time I got down again I needed to turn round and start over!

Going to the supermarket, parking at work, visiting grandma? Battling for the space nearest to the door? Take the one nearest the exit.

The one theme that runs through this text and the video is movement. The more we move, the more healthy we will be. Eat half, walk double, love without measure.