Maybe you do! I served three customers today, and not one of them needed a new one.

Good chairs can be deceptively complex. The Hag Sofi is an elegant chair. It’s controls have been beautifully incorporated into the chair, so much so, that this owner didn’t realise it had a seat slide. It was bought for the husband, his wife thought it was too big for her. Of course I would have           loved to have sold her another chair, they were prepared to buy one, but this customer simply did not need one, and after a little instruction, they were on their way.Sofi with man

Then we had a customer who had a very old RH Logic 4. This chair was launched 34 years ago, and it broke. It had exceeded it’s warranty by up to 24 years so again, the owner was prepared to purchase a replacement. But he didn’t really want to, and all these years later, he’s still reaping the rewards of a wise choice. RH still have the parts, I fitted them, and again, on his merry way the customer went.

The last visitor had a genuine warranty claim. Fortunately he’d bought the chair from a proper shop (as opposed to an online one, or worse still a foreign one), the supplier sent the replacement part overnight, and I was able to fit it while he enjoyed a cup of tea.

So, an oddly rewarding day in which I made all my customers happy, proved that investing in good product pays back over time, and is infinitely better for the environment.