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If humans can move in a natural way, even when sitting, the body will feel better and possibly also last longer. This is why movement and variation remain the most important thing in everything Variér produces.

When you buy one of Variér's products, you choose one of the healthiest chairs available. 

Movement and variation promote and renew strength

Form – Variér is known for developing chairs with a distinctive style

Function – Variér is known for developing chairs which inspire you to move naturally

Environmental Responsibility

Variér Furniture has always made the environment a top priority in the development, production and delivery of their merchandise

Variér do not wish to be a part of the consumer consumption society. This is why Variér's products are designed for longevity and built of the highest quality materials, so that they will remain useful for generations.


This elegant, stylish chair is ideal for use in the home as a home office chair for those who want a chair that doesn't look too corporate. Alternatively it also makes an excellent chair for the dining room.


The Gravity Balans is the chair that feels as though it defies gravity. It provides for a range of sitting positions from kneeling to zero gravity position and gives excellent lumbar support.


Peel - design inspired by, well, peel actually. A heavenly seating experience that is highly dynamic.This is a truly iconic piece of furniture that massively enhances modern decor.

Variable Balans

Dynamic sitting, encouraging you to move. The Variable is our favorite kneeling chair.

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