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Salli is a Finnish company that design and market the Original Saddle stool.

Grant your back a favour and get the original back reliever, the Salli Saddle Chair. With its ergonomically correct design the Salli Saddle Chair offers:

  • COMFORT - unparalleled comfort whether you are seated for a short or long period of time
  • RELAXING - soothes backaches
  • PROACTIVE - improves posture and strengthens the back muscles
  • HEALTHY - increases blood circulation in your legs
  • EASY TO USE - turns lightly, is quick to move
  • REJUVENATING - keeps you energetic


You can design your own Salli chair! Click here to get started.

For more information on Salli chairs including the differences between the models, and how they should be used, click here.



The Salli Classic's seat is solid and in full-time use mainly suitable for women, in part-time use also suitable for men.


The Salli MultiAdjuster is an adjustable saddle chair for all users. The gap between the two halves of the seat can be adjusted to suit the user.


The Salli Swing mechanism makes it possible for the user to exercise while sitting, which activates the whole body.


The Salli Twin is a healthy saddle chair for both men and women with height and tilt adjustment. Sallis tip the pelvis forward and in so doing improve posture and illimminate slouching.

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