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501 Wall mount

Small lightweight and wall mounted. Designed for when space is at a premium.

501-11 Desk

Heavy duty height adjusting space with high load and durability. The 501-11 will lift 150kg and is the most popular choice in Scandinavia.

501-17 Office workspace

Medium duty office workspace with a lifting capacity of 80kg. This is the workhorse of the Conset range.

501-19 Style 095

Elegant and small height adjusting desk. With its single column construction it offers a stylish and compact desk solution. Lifting capacity is 100kg and height range 68-120mm.

501-27 Desk

A lower desk, perfect for children and adults alike. The desk height range is 56-121cm.

501-7 Table

Small electrical height adjustable table.


Enhances core stability whilst sitting.


This elegant, stylish chair is ideal for use in the home as a home office chair for those who want a chair that doesn't look too corporate. Alternatively it also makes an excellent chair for the dining room.

Adapt 600

The Adapt™ 600 Range has a asynchronous knee tilt mechanism, with independent back rest angle adjustment. Ergochairs will adapt the chair as necessary to suit the end user taking account of specific needs.

Arrow Tablet Solution

Suitable for all iPad models, Galaxy, Kindle Fire,and any other tablet up to 13 mm in thickness...


HÅG Capisco is delivered with a seat and back. The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to standing, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still balanced.

Capisco Puls

HÅG Capisco Puls is a flexible chair that is perfectly suited for active and creative environments.Available in an attractive and bright range of colours.


Swivel recliner with footstool.


The Salli Classic's seat is solid and in full-time use mainly suitable for women, in part-time use also suitable for men.

Clear Copy

An A3 angle adjustable copy holder which can be well placed between the keyboard and monitor to help reduce awkward neck and eye movements, thus promoting better health...

Clear Slope Pro

The new transparent and non-reflective CLEAR SLOPE PRO offers easy and quick angle adjustment across 13 levels from and incredible 8degrees to 55degrees! just 2.4 kg in weight, and incorporating a padded document shelf to ensure no pressure is applied to the users wrists...

Coccyx chair

Kneeling chair with Coccyx cut out for coccyx relief.

Country Seat

The Country Seat gives entire support for the back with the emphasis on the lumbar region.

Duo Car Support

Ideal for drivers. Provides optimum lumbar support.


Suitable for 14-17” laptop and notebook computers...


The Ergohuman chair is a perfect fusion of art and science, with flex zones that ensure constant support of back and lumbar, multi-dimensional adjustable arm rests for unparalleled support and a height adjustable pivoting headrest for full cranial support.


The RH Extend has a synchronous movement and a reinforced panel on the backrest to provide maximum lumbar support. It enjoys full adjustability with seat slide, backrest height, seat height and recline adjustments.


The Gravity Balans is the chair that feels as though it defies gravity. It provides for a range of sitting positions from kneeling to zero gravity position and gives excellent lumbar support.

HAG Futu

With the HÅG Futu office chair you get the best of two worlds, with its advanced inner design based on HÅG’s new HÅG inBalance technology and with its pure, cohesive lines, the HÅG Futu is more an item of furniture than an office chair.


The HÅG H05 office chair is not only the perfect seating solution for achieving movement and variation – it is also brilliantly simple, all you need is a lever and a handle to make the necessary adjustments.


Uniqueness and wide appeal, the HÅG SoFi collection has it all. It collects and perfects all of the best design features representative of the HÅG brand.

HÅG SoFi Mesh

Uniqueness and wide appeal, the HÅG SoFi collection has it all. It collects and perfects all of the best design features representative of the HÅG brand.


Another of the excellent Tajoma swivel range of recliners.

Kneeling Posture Chair

Improves posture by tipping the pelvis forward and restoring the spine's natural 'S' shape.


Over the years our most popular chair.The RH 300 & 400 are quite simply the bench mark by which all ergonomic chairs are judged. Built like a Volvo they last for years and provide superb comfort, adjustability and movement.


Swivel recliner with footstool.


The Mirus chair is 98% recyclable, has Greenguard Indoor Quality certification and meets EN1335.


The Salli MultiAdjuster is an adjustable saddle chair for all users. The gap between the two halves of the seat can be adjusted to suit the user.


Peel - design inspired by, well, peel actually. A heavenly seating experience that is highly dynamic.This is a truly iconic piece of furniture that massively enhances modern decor.

RH Mereo

A stylish looking chair that will grace any office or home working environment.

Seat Topper

Levels out car seats for comfort


Contemporary dual motor swivel recliner with integral footrest.


Support chair with a saddle shaped seat. Also available without backrest. The chair comes as standard with a base in black polyamide and glides.


The Salli Swing mechanism makes it possible for the user to exercise while sitting, which activates the whole body.


The Salli Twin is a healthy saddle chair for both men and women with height and tilt adjustment. Sallis tip the pelvis forward and in so doing improve posture and illimminate slouching.

U Slope Pro

U Slope Pro (Mini version of the U Slope Pro available) The U Slope Pro is the second generation in the U Slope range, which still offers benefits of an adjustable document holder and reading/writing slope...

U TOP laptop stand

You thought all laptop stands looked the same? Think again!...

U TOP PRO laptop stand

The U TOP PRO is possibly the lightest and thinnest freestanding laptop stand in the World. This stylish product boasts a unique built-in copy holder, 6 height settings, 4 cable slots and non-slip feet...

Variable Balans

Dynamic sitting, encouraging you to move. The Variable is our favorite kneeling chair.

Visco Memory Pillows

Comfort Guaranteed.

Visco Memory Superest

Provide constant, comfortable support. Helps maintain the natural 'S' shape of the spine.


Relieves lower back pain when sitting by tipping the pelvis forwards and improving posture.

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