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Delivery of the goods shall be made by Backworld, or our representatives, to such place in the mainland UK as you specify at the time you place your order, on an agreed date. 

Delivery Time frame depends on the exact product(s) ordered, with some items in stock being available for delivery within seven days of clearance of funds while other bespoke items are usually delivered within three weeks. 

You hereby confirm that you have adequate access and space, and personnel, to receive the goods on the agreed date. We are unable to deliver outside of normal working hours unless where stated otherwise.

Unless otherwise stated, the price of the goods includes one delivery in the UK (mainland). If an agreed delivery is refused or not completed, through the fault of the Buyer, and has to be re-delivered, a surcharge will be made amounting to 5% of the price for the goods, subject to a minimum of £85.

Any delay in delivery does not constitute grounds for cancellation of the order by the Buyer. Backworld is authorised by you to make part or complete deliveries

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