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Ta’joma Hola

Swivel recliner with footstool.

RH Chairs Logic

Over the years our most popular chair.The RH 300 & 400 are quite simply the bench mark by which all ergonomic chairs are judged. Built like a Volvo they last for years and provide superb comfort, adjustability and movement.

Ta’joma Maxim

Swivel recliner with footstool.


With the HÅG Futu office chair you get the best of two worlds, with its advanced inner design based on HÅG’s new HÅG inBalance technology and with its pure, cohesive lines, the HÅG Futu is more an item of furniture than an office chair.


Uniqueness and wide appeal, the HÅG SoFi collection has it all. It collects and perfects all of the best design features representative of the HÅG brand.

We are experts in ergonomic office and home seating and desking

Backworld offers ergonomic chairs, height adjustable desks and specialist cushion supports that bring comfortable and healthy sitting to your office, home or when travelling by car or train. For the best variety of ergonomic furniture for healthy sitting at home or work in Exeter, come in to our showroom or browse our products online.  Please note that we do not sell our products online as we passionately believe that to get the right chair etc.,  it is essential that we have an initial consultation* face to face with you so that we can discuss your individual needs and make you aware of our recommendations and the various options available. 

*(Please note that off site consultations are a chargeable item but are refundable against any subsequent chair/desk purchase).

Are you sitting comfortably?

It's all about posture, having the right chair, being comfortable, and having your work at the right height. Being poorly seated at home or at work can result in bad posture and a myriad of related back problems that cause discomfort, pain, even injury. With the right quality equipment, and being set up correctly, you can actively improve your posture as well as improve your productivity, health and comfort.


Back pain needn't be long term

With the right seating, it is possible to combat the root cause of many back problems, be it core instability, lack of strength to hold posture, or bad angles in the lumbar or hips causing sciatic nerve problems. Many issues can be actively sorted out with the right equipment, advice and a little determination. The benefits are improved health and anything up to complete freedom from back pain.

Backworld, the full service solution

Backworld is more than just a shop. We offer a full set up, onsite delivery and ongoing care and advice for the products we supply. Our products are chosen specifically to be those that have proven themselves in the marketplace.

The Backworld online DSE assessment guide

If you are suffering from backpain, sciatica etc., and are concerned about your workplace set up in respect of your chair, desk and desktop equipment, have a look at the demonstration below which will guide you through the essential steps to achieve optimum comfort and an ergonomic working environment whilst sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time.

Please click on this link for a demonstration

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