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What to do if back pain strikes

 3 things you shouldn’t do when back pain strikes:

  1. Don’t worry, back pain is rarely serious and worry can delay your recovery.

  2. Don’t take to your bed. Inactivity is one of the worst things you can do.

  3. Don’t ignore it if the first 3 simple solutions below do not ease the pain in a relatively short time action step 4.


4 things you should do when back pain strikes:

  1. Take simple painkillers to help with mobility.

  2. Continue with normal activity within reason. Do not take to bed rest as this stiffens the back further.

  3. Rest from heavy lifting, twisting and repetitive bending positions.

  4. If your back pain does not subside in a day or two or you have pain also in your legs, loss of balance, pins and needles, numbness, problems controlling your bladder or bowels or the pain is unremitting, then consult the experts. Chartered Physiotherapists are medically trained with an excellent knowledge of the 24 Vertebrae and 110 joints along with the muscles, ligaments and tendons making up your back.


To make an appointment at Peak Physio please call 01392 330597

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