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14th April 2015

Under 30's Suffering Back Pain.

Its been reported in the national press that backache is now striking us younger than ever. Almost half of the under 30's are now saying that they are battling with constant pain.

Experts blame increasingly sedentary life styles and a sharp rise in the use of mobile phones for a big increase in the number of young people with back and neck problems. It is reported that children as young a 12 are seeking treatment. Some 45% of the under 30's surveyed for the British Chiropractic Association said they had a back problem - up from 28% last year. Across all groups a staggering 86% said it was a problem compared with 77% last year.

Back care specialists blame the increase on the amount of time now spent hunched over mobile phones, tablet and laptop computers. Working on these devices as opposed to desktops leads to poor posture and increased disc pressure which in time is likely to cause issues such as prolapsed discs and sciatica, both of which are extremely painful and debilitating.

The fashion for hot desking by which office workers share their work stations depending on who is present in the office at any one time, adds to the problem because workers end up sitting in a chair and at a work station that has not been properly set up for their individual needs.

A survey of more than 2100 over 16'shas revealed just how sedentary modern life has become. Almost two thirds said they they spent almost all day sitting down and the average Briton spends at least 3 hours each evening sat in front of the TV.

Some simple measures to avoid back pain are:

  • Take regular exercise. Cycling, swimming, pilates and yoga and particularly good for the back and for strengthening the inner core.
  • Lose weight - excess weight is a principle cause of back pain.
  • Check out your work station. Is the chair of good quality and properly adjusted for you ? Does it incorporate good movement ? Is your monitor screen at the right height with the top level with your eyebrows ?
  • Consider the use of a height adjustable desk. This enables you to do some work standing up and some sitting down.
  • If using a laptop always use a laptop stand combined with a a separate keyboard. Stands are also now available for use with tablets.
  • If hot desking make sure the work station, chair etc., is set up correctly for you at the start of your day.

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