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Top tips to avoid a back-aching Christmas!

Did you know that back problems become more common over the festive season? People push all of their physical and emotional boundaries within a range of intensive behaviours from shopping, feeling stressed to compulsive playing of new computer games or sitting glued to the television for hours at a time. 

Here are some tips to avoid Christmas pain.

When shopping to avoid strain on your spine you should:

>Balance the weight of shopping bags evenly in each hand or use a shopping trolley.
>When standing in queues for long stretches, shift the brunt of your weight from foot to foot. 
>Walk with your stomach in and hips tucked slightly under, and use natural strides, allowing each foot to roll from heel to toe in a fluid motion.
>Where sensible, flat, supportive shoes.
>Do several small trips rather than one major over-loaded trip.
>For especially heavy or awkward items, engage the help of a shop assistant.
>Do your gift wrapping sitting down at a table rather than standing and bending over it or kneeling on the floor.
>While decorating your home for Christmas, indoors or out, use a sturdy stool or ladder for reaching those higher places.
>If snow should hit, watch out for slippery steps and drives and if shoveling snow, bend from the knees, not the waist. 

Sitting glued to the television for prolonged periods may cause your spine to go into spasm. Move around and stretch regularly. Ensure your chair has good spinal support and that you are not slouching. Check out our Zerostress recliner range.

Officially Britain’s most popular pastime now, gaming and electronic gadgets cause a range of persistent back and neck problems. If sedentary, you should take regular breaks and move around. If using a Wii, warm-up exercises will help to avoid injury. Repetitive strain injury from text messaging, is also increasingly common.

As more and more people suffer from back problems, we need to proactively move away from our sedentary habits. Encourage the whole family to take Christmas walks and give children and young people Christmas presents which will prompt everyone to be more active.

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