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Look after your back and your back will look after you

Many of us may be surprised at the negative effects of sitting all day, but too much sitting can cause or exacerbate back pain, which gives us continued discomfort.

The healthy body can only tolerate staying in one position for about 20 minutes so asking your body to sit still for 8 hours a day is a big ask!

Let us explain why.

The human body has evolved over tens of thousands of years to allow humans to become hunter-gatherers and farmers, with people historically on the move for most of the day in a variety of daily tasks.

Over the last 30 - 50 years we made these active, dynamic bodies sit still for prolonged periods each day letting the computer, phone or TV rule the day – something which we are all guilty off.

Good ergonomic seating can reduce the risk of stress and injury to muscles and joints, encouraging movement, variety and flexibility. So, allow us to introduce you to the ZentoSmart Chair that provides comfort and style with 'good-ergonomics' in a multi-user friendly format.

With adjustment ranges that suit up to 98% percent of people, ZentoSmart is specialist enough for a sole user yet adaptable enough to be shared with another user.

With standard features including a memory foam seat, independent back angle adjustment, a coccyx relief zone and a lumbar air cell, every part of you will be supported, stabilised and secure as you tackle modern day life head on and with a straight back.

The ZentoSmart Chair comes in a two-tone upholstery that looks so good you wont want to leave your seat, but if you can drag yourself away for a moment, remember to take breaks from your desk to give your eyes a rest and keep the circulation going.

ZentoSmart zebra Chair

Because we know you will love to spend time in your new chair, we have put together some in-seat exercises to keep you and your back healthy.

Do simple stretching exercises of your arms, legs, neck and torso while sitting. This will help prevent you from feeling stiff.

-Stretch your neck carefully by slowly flexing your head, slowly forward and backward, side-to-side and look right and left. Never roll your head around your neck––this could cause damage to the joints of the neck.
-Shoulders: Roll your shoulders forward around 10 times, then backward. This helps release the tension off your shoulders.
-Wrists: Roll your wrists regularly, around every hour or so. Roll the wrists 10 times clockwise, then 10 times counter clockwise. 
-Ankles: Roll your ankles regularly. As with your wrists, roll the ankles in a clockwise motion three times, then counter clockwise. 
-Chest:  Open your arms wide as if you were going to hug someone, this stretch is moving your body the opposite way to being hunched.
-Abdomen: Contract your abdominal and gluteal muscles; hold them there for a few seconds, then release. 

The ZentoSmart chair is priced from £499+VAT. For more information call 01392 202012, email or drop into our showroom at 202 Topsham Road, Exeter, Monday to Friday. 

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