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Tips to keep your back healthy this spring

Many of you will be so pleased the nights are now lighter for longer allowing those gardening and outdoor lovers to make the most of the evenings. It is great for general health to get outside and exercise though it is important to remember some basics of back care to help prevent against back pain.

Tips to prevent back pain when gardening

  • Ensure your back is fit for the task in hand – simple back flexibility and strengthening exercises can help to prepare your back. For more information look on Peak Physio Website
  • Prior to starting gardening stretch – warm up and cool down is important especially if you have not gardened for some time.
  • Begin slowly and gradually build up your endurance.
  • Change activity in the garden frequently (at least every 20 minutes) for example some bedding work kneeling, then some pruning of fruit trees in standing  to alter your back position. Make sure you use the correct tools for example long handled forks and trowels.
  • Use a kneeling matt to minimise bending and  leaning forward.
  • Bend your knees to lift and make sure you know the weight before you lift it – if it is too heavy wait for someone to help you or break the item into smaller loads.
  • Take a break. Get up, move around, alternate tasks, repeat your stretch routine or sit back, relax and have a well deserved cup of tea!

If you do have back pain that does not settle within 3 days contact Peak Physio for further advice and a detailed assessment.

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