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Extend your life by not sitting down all day

 A recent report published by the British Medical Journal claims that you can extend your life simply by not sitting down for hours on end. 

Sitting down isn't easy to avoid if you're a busy office worker tied to your computer for the majority of the working day. However there is a solution - a ConSet electric height adjustable desk. At the flick of a switch you can lower or heighten your desk to suit you. They're good for a number of purposes:

  • If you like to vary your working position at will
  • If you share a desk with someone who prefers a different working position
  • If you're below or above average height and need a desk more flexible that mainstream standard desk sizes

ConSet electric adjustable desks come in a variety of tabletop and frame colours. You can choose your from a selection of shapes and sizes. Some have wheels. Some are modular. They're all exceptional quality and good value for money. Give us a call or drop into our showroom in Exeter for a quote. 

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