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Back to back with our customers

Katie Sanders runs a successful marketing company in Taunton. When she isn’t out and about meeting new clients and attending meetings Katie typically spends a large percentage of her time glued to the computer screen. Here is Katie's experience.

Recently I was struck with the most horrific shoulder pain that necessitated time off work and curtailed any physical activity. I was due to take part in the Royal Marines Commando Challenge and had to sadly forfeit my place. However I do admit that I had been enduring a dull ache for quite some time, but because of work commitments and the fact that it just felt like an annoying niggle, I didn’t do anything about it.  But when the pain intensified, I visited a local physiotherapist in Tiverton who advised that it was a build up of bad posture sat at the computer over long periods of time. The pain in the shoulder was the result of a progressive problem intensifying at the point where the spine meets my ribs.

After several costly sessions with the physio, I felt some improvement and was advised to visit Backworld to obtain a suitable lumbar support office chair. An avid shopper, I was not expecting the whole experience to compare so favourably to buying a new outfit! There is a huge choice at Backworld and just like trying on a new dress I tried out a number of different models. Backworld-owner David Lacey guided me through the whole experience so I didn’t just pick the nicest colour! We decided on the RH brand because of its quality but then we had to find one that suited me – small and lightweight. I had no idea that chairs came in such variations and were tailored to suit your body just like a piece of clothing.

The RH 300 features a shorter back which fits my height and offers good neck support through the head rest as well as an adjustable knee tilt. In fact all areas of this chair are adjustable and it is essential the chair is set up correctly to maximise the support. It is therefore brilliant that Backworld delivers the chair in person to help you set the chair up initially. In fact they did say I didn’t have to come into the showroom to choose my chair as they offer a workplace assessment which is chargeable but this is offset against the price of a chair on purchase.

The biggest feature that I notice is the lumbar support; as I move around in the chair, for example when I lean forward to look at the screen, the back of the chair sort of comes with you, continuing to provide that much needed back resistance.

This has been a great investment; I only wish I had bought one sooner and I may have avoided time off work as well as those costly physio sessions. But on the plus side, I did get out of the Commando Challenge!

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