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Sitting upright is bad for your back

1 November, 2013
Ergonomic seating is not just about keeping your back in the 'correct' position, it's about allowing your body to keep moving even while seated as this has long been known to be the more healthy way of sitting. 
This recent article on references research on sitting positions and discusses how sitting straight is bad for backs. You can read the full article here




Look after your back and your back will look after you

4 April, 2013

Many of us may be surprised at the negative effects of sitting all day, but too much sitting can cause or exacerbate back pain, which gives us continued discomfort. The healthy body can only tolerate staying in one position for about 20 minutes so asking your body to sit still for 8 hours a day is a big ask! Click here to read more.

Supporting those with disabilities get back into the workplace

8 March, 2013

Here at Backworld we support the Access to Work scheme. As a registered specialist supplier, we can help you find the right ergonomic chair, adjustable computer desk or other accessories to help you in your workplace.Click here to read more.

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