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Why would I need an office chair with a headrest?

A headrest should be height and depth adjustable to provide correct head and neck support. A headrest is helpful when you need to rest your head/neck to take the pressure, weight and stress off, also aiding correct upper spine posture. Most of Backworld's office chairs are available with good ergonomic headrests

What type of exercise can I do - if any?

Regular exercise is vitally important both for alleviating and preventing back pain. Any exercise that concentrates on "Core Stability" or the quality of muscles around your spine is useful, but our recommended approach is to see a good Physiotherapist, yoga or Pilates teacher and construct a daily regime to minimise or (hopefully) get rid of your back pain forever. See the "links" page for our local partners...

Would a special pillow help?

An anatomically shaped pillow supports the head and neck in a position where the spine is correctly aligned. This will reduce pressure on intervertebral discs and nerves. As well as foam pillows such as the Royal Rest, there are pillows made from a visco-elastic material which shapes itself to the body and is pressure relieving, including our most popular pillows -Royal Rest Visco

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